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I must be honest; I was not expecting very much from this camera. I am a hobby wildlife photographer who owns lots of expensive cameras and equipment. However, when entertaining the notion of buying a wildlife type camera, I was not willing to shell out the money for the higher end cameras without a little experience behind my belt. Since the purpose for using this type of camera is a departure from what most people buy this type of camera for, the many hundreds of reviews and videos I sat through were not very helpful to me and did not guide me towards any specific brand. I did have two requirements, it must be a “No Glow” camera, and it must produce more than 12 megapixels for its still frame photos.
I am so impressed and inspired by this cheap camera that I will most likely purchase another one to use in a different location. I am even thinking about setting up a cluster of four cameras each facing 90 degrees apart from one another for a 360-degree panoramic capture.
From this camera, I have learned a great deal about my Raccoon family, their habits, schedules and how they interact with one another. The “No Glow” feature does not attract any attention and allows for stealth capturing. If I had to purchase again, would I buy this camera? Yes indeed.

Nice appearance and solid structure. It has a locker which connects the area of battery and camera. Very robust. The camouflage color fits in the environment very well. The delivery speed was also fast. It is also easy to use. It worked well and photos and videos are crystal clear. At this price level, It is hard to find a competitive comparison in its peer group.

I wasn’t real happy with this camera at first until I learned I needed to format the sd card each time I inserted the card and turned the camera on again after viewing the videos. I’m very happy with the quality of the videos in daylight. Another thing – when the batteries start to fade the camera will work but the video is short – I have it programmed for 30 seconds, but I’ll only get 5-10 seconds if the batteries are low. I like that it records at night without any light on the camera coming on. Also, it’s very quiet – no clicking noise when it turns on or off. I was a little disappointed that when a fellow walked across my back yard in the middle of the night that I would not be able to identify him. He was about 15 feet from the camera, but the fact that the camera caught him at all was a plus. I think this camera works as expected.

Mystery solved as to which of 3 cats was peeing OUTSIDE the litter box!!!

FIVE months of frustration during which THREE other camera systems failed us (#1 would remotely connect with iPad… and shut off if iPad went into sleep mode, #2 promised to record for 6+ hours but only delivered 3 hours in night vision mode and 90 mins in daylight as the 32GB SD card was maxed out.. oh and also NOT Apple compatible for camera programming adjustments, #3 would SHUT OFF 5 mins after setup and never record a thing)… and hundreds of dollars spent taking the WRONG cat to the vet for workup (caught her once with wet paws)…

Zopu Trail cam was easy to use, worked as described, and helped us to CORRECTLY identify the pet who needed help! THANKS!

If you have it in the trees or by tall grass, naturally the wind catching the leaves and grass will set it off a lot. Even on low sensor. Only downfall. Picture and video are great! I purchased a card reader so I can look at the pics on my phone, which is better quality to review pics and videos. Love these. I ordered 3 of them and love them!!

This is the perfect trail camera for any outdoorsman.I love to go camping and don’t typically see too much wildlife while I’m out there. I wondered if I ever have visitors while I’m sleeping and wanted to get a trail camera to see. I decided to give this one a shot and am very pleased with it. The setup is fairly quick and easy, and once you learn the functions of how to check the pictures on the camera then it’s easy to use. Once you have it in picture mode you simply set it up where you want and then walk away. The camera will take all the pictures for you based on motion detection and you can easily view them directly on the camera without having to upload to a computer.

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