GardePro X50 Cellular Trail Camera, 3G/4G LTE Game Cameras with 32MP H.265 1080p, Innovative Lite Video, 0.1s Trigger Speed, 100ft Night Vision, Send Pictures to Cell Phone

  • Experience Real-Time Monitoring – With the GardePro X50 Cellular Trail Camera, you can receive pictures in real-time or scheduled time, no matter wherever you are. This camera is compatible with the AT&T and T-Mobile cellular 3G/4G LTE networks in the US only. However, it can send pictures to your Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile cell phone, as well as other carriers.
  • Innovative Lite Video for Full Video Preview – The Lite Video feature uses minimal data and is available almost instantly when your camera is in video mode. It allows you to preview the entire video, helping you decide whether you want to download or request a download of that video. This feature sets our brand apart from most other cellular trail camera brands, which either require you to request the video or only provide a 3-picture burst as a preview.
  • Capture Every Moment – The camera’s fast trigger speed of 0.1s and 3 PIR sensors allow for quick and accurate capturing. Plus, its adaptive infrared night vision mode saves up to 75% battery power, ensuring you never miss a moment even at night.
  • Manage Everything from One App – Whether you have a WiFi or cellular GardePro trail camera, you can manage them both with one unified app. The X50 also features time-lapse mode, allowing you to remotely take care of your property.
  • Flexible Data Plans – Choose from three data plans that suit your needs. No contract, you can cancel subscription at any time.

GardePro X50 Cellular Trail Camera

The GardePro X50 is a new generation of 4G LTE cellular trail camera. The camera has a built-in cellular module, allows you remotely connect and operate the camera through a dedicated app (“GardePro Mobile”).

The camera will send pictures to cell phone according to the Transfer Schedule specified on the app.

The camera also features the all-new innovative and ultra-clear imaging technology, lite video technology, smart night vision.

  • Operate on AT&T and T-Mobile Cellular Network
  • Know Entire Event Details with Innovative Lite Video
  • Adaptive infrared illumination for Smart Night Vision
  • 940nm No Glow Infrared Night Vision Up to 100ft
  • Ultra Fast 0.1s Trigger Speed
  • 32MP Still Image and H.265 Video
  • Operate on SD Card up to 512GB (SD Card Not included)

Long-Lasting Power Solution

The GardePro X50 Cellular Trail Camera, when connected to the GardePro SP350 solar panel (sold separately), eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements, and battery life is no longer a concern.

This combination ensures sustainable power supply, making it an cost-effective solution for extended operation.

Additionally, you can still keep your 8 AA batteries in the camera as a backup power source.

More Signal Coverage

The X50 comes with a pre-installed SIM card and operates on the AT&T and T-Mobile cellular networks. It automatically connects to the best signal available where you install the camera. Importantly, it doesn’t limit your cell phone carrier; it can send pictures to your Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile cell phone, as well as other carriers.

Innovative Lite Video

You can download lite video just like downloading pictures. Lite video is a compact and lightweight video (not full HD video), help you understand the whole process of the event without costing more. As we all know, HD videos consume quite a lot of data traffic and cost more, no brand cellular trail camera provides free full HD video download. Lite video is included with any plan at no additional cost.

Adaptive infrared illumination

Featuring self-adaptive illumination technology and , the camera can automatically adjust the power of infrared LEDs according to the distance of the animal, avoiding overexposure at close range and overdarkness at long distance.

GardePro X50 Cellular Trail Camera

Technical Details
  • Works with AT&T and T-Mobile cellular (SIM card included), Quick activation by app (no activation fee).
  • Offers affordable and flexible data plan
  • Program your camera via the app, send pictures to your cell phone
  • 32MP still photos, 1080p 30fps H.265 video clips with audio (on local camera)
  • Clear night vision, flash range 100ft, equipped with 36pcs high performance infrared no glow 940nm LEDs that function as a flash (invisible to eyes)
  • Wide view angle – 70°
  • Easy to use/program with well-designed operation buttons and built-in 2.4-inch color screen, easy to program, review pictures and videos on the screen
  • Two working modes – Motion detection and Time lapse
  • Fast trigger time approx. 0.1~0.6 second (pre-activated technology with 3 PIR sensors designed), Fast recovery time of less than 0.5 second, Long trigger distance up to 90ft
  • More – Info strip on each capture: Date, Time, Temperature & Moon phase, Operation Hours, Loop Recording, Time Lapse, Password Protected
Reliable Design for Outdoor Applications
  • Sturdy housing design, IP66 waterproof, operation temperature: -4~140F, idea for outdoor application – deer, critter and any animal wildlife trail, hunting, or property security
  • A 12volts jack on the bottom is good for connecting external power supply (user supplied, the plug size must comply with 5.5×2.1mm)
  • A tripod mount screw in the base for alternative mounting options
  • Please don't change or replace the pre-installed SIM card (other SIM cards are not supported).
  • Requires 8 AA batteries and a standard size SD card (NOT included, user supplied).
  • Please format your SD card in the camera before first use.
  • Please use lithium batteries in cold weather to get longer lifetime. To get more clear night image, please eliminate obstacles in front of the camera as possible.


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